Perfect Plantings
Perfect Plantings

Planting Designs by Post

"We offer a full border design service via post or email, a simple service whereby you receive a pack from us, containing a questionare to guide you in providing us with all the details and measurements we need to conceive your border layout layouts"

Borders by Post

How it works

Border design pack

Simply request our border design pack, which will guide you through the process, we can also discuss details with you over the phone for a more personal approach or by email.

Design plans supplied

Planting plans are prepared, with detailed colour plans showing border layouts, individual plants & their spacings, along with selections of photos showing key plants to be used.

Plants delivered to your door

We source & supply all the plants in the design delivered to your door. They will be good healthy garden centre sized plants (not plugs). Plus we provide you with ongoing seasonal advice to help you keep your border looking at its best.