Perfect Plantings
Perfect Plantings

Full Garden Design Service

How we work

Step One - Consultancy

The process normally starts with your enquiry, and a date set for a garden design consultation visit with Mike, where we can then begin to understand your objectives for your garden, and start to develop a written design brief. 

Step Two - Quotation

Following this meeting we will offer you a fixed price quotation for the cost of the design work on your garden. Each garden can be vastly different so each project is totally bespoke to you and your requirements.

Step Three - Site survey

We then carry out a full site survey of your garden, recording all key measurements, levels, and any specific items of construction or plants thats are to be retained.

Step Four - Initial Plans

We spend some time drawing up some concept ideas for your garden and liase with you regarding these and the pricings for the work. Before then firming up on the details. Other things to consider are lighting & irrigation systems which we also install.

Step Five - Final plans & Prices

We complete all the layout plans and present you with the final layout plans and prices, plus an idea of the type of planting layout that will complement your new garden,

Step Six - Planting Plans

We provide you with full colour layout plans for the planting of the garden after construction, plus a fixed price quotation for this work. 


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